Self Driving Cars: Yay or Nay?

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A thing that consumers thought we wouldn’t see in their lifetime, self-driving cars, may become a reality sooner than expected. Many companies are creating and testing self-driving car prototypes in the U.S. and around the world. However, when will self-driving cars become a reality to all? Probably not within the next 10 years but within our lifetime. That raises the question, are self-driving cars a good or bad thing?

First, let’s look at a prototype currently being created. Google is working on Waymo, their self-driving car which they have been researching since 2009 and can out with a prototype in 2015. They claim they have racked up 2 million miles of self-driving, mainly in big cities, and still continue to test Waymo. According to their site, their cars have sensors to detect anything oncoming from pedestrians to road work. They have also taught Waymo vehicles defensive driving.

Google provides pretty convincing stats to why Waymo and self-driving cars in general are a good idea. There’s no doubt self-driving car creators like Google are doing the most they can to make sure they provide the best and safest product that will benefit all. However, it’s fishy that Google no longer posts the monthly accident reports involving Waymo. I am pretty sure this is something consumers should know about!

Pros of Self-Driving Cars

In theory, there are many pros that self-driving cars can bring to our lives. First, it can decrease the amount of car accidents and casualties. Currently, 94% of crashes are caused by human error due to speeding, drowsiness, alcohol, and distraction. Self-Driving cars would minimize the human error factor as humans wouldn’t have to drive. Secondly, people who are unable to drive such as those with disabilities or who are drunk, would not have to rely on others to get around. Less drunk drivers on the road and assistance for the disabled or elderly sounds good to me! Also, you would be able to cut your commuting time down so you can spend more quality time with your family. The overall pro of these cars is that it will create a better overall quality of life for everyone.

Cons of Self-Driving Cars

The pros may seem wonderful but there are cons to self-driving car. First, the risk of getting into a car accident isn’t eliminated. A “Manual Mode” is still available to use on a self-driving car not completely eliminated the risk of a human error car crash. Also, with most tech, there is always the risk of some technological malfunction. The malfunction could be from the software or weather related.

You also have to consider how self-driving cars could affect public transportation. Having them, could lead to less of a need for public transportation of all types, causing many people to lose their jobs. Lastly, the amount of money used in creating and purchasing a self-driving car is $$$. Most people who would want to or need to use a self-driving car would not be able to afford it, especially if its $100,000! Lastly, seeing that the cars are being tested in only big cities, will they be able to self-drive in suburban areas of less popularity? What’s the point of self-driving cars if it cannot be used anywhere? This is a good question to consider for the future.

After reading this, do you choose yay or nay for self-driving cars? Self-Driving cars will eventually become tech used in our everyday lives, but not until the very distant future. Until then, make sure you stay updated about the latest self-driving news and updates.

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