King Android?

Since its introduction in the market by Google, the Android operating system is taking over virtually all areas of our lives. Many electronic gadgets have Android as their preferred operating system. It started with the phones before moving to other electronics such as laptops, tablets, televisions and most recently smart watches. Is there anything specific that makes Android such a widely preferred operating system? Definitely.

Android has so many compatible applications.

Through Google play store, one can download millions of applications, games and all to be used on the android device. This aspect gives it an advantage over Apple and Microsoft operating systems. One can easily customize whatever gadget he or she has if it is on Android operating system. Though an advantage in a way, some critics see it as the Achilles’ heel. The idea that many applications can run on Android makes it an easy target to hackers and malicious ware. However, a good anti-virus can be of great benefit in protecting your device.

Many electronic gadgets are now on the Android operating system.

This gives it an advantage because it is easy to use together with other gadgets of the same OS. Many phone brands use Android meaning that when one acquires such a gadget, it will be easy finding accessories and pairing with other devices. Some Android smart televisions can be controlled using an android phone as a remote control.

Android operating system gives one room and applications to be creative.

With the so many applications easily downloadable on Android devices, one is encouraged to be creative. Many other applications are being developed with the Android apps on Google play. The camera, photos, themes and wallpapers among other things can be easily played around with to reflect the user or come up with something even better. This is how videos are created and posted on social media platforms.

Many Android operated devices are quite functional.

Functionality in this case is pegged on the element of helping the owners of the gadgets solve some issues. The Android smart phone is not just a beauty accessory. There are so many important functions it performs. It reminds one of important engagements, notifies when one’s phone is ringing or a message or text has been received. This is an office on the go. The smart watch also comes in very handy while exercising. It measures the heartbeat rate, the calories burnt and distance covered when running for example. Some even keep a track of the activities you engage in while exercising for instance if you jog for 30 minutes. The smart television sets don many broadcasting stations and help monitor communication through the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Children enjoy so many games from Google play on the Android operated tablets. These help them enjoy but also learn new things and practice new things. This is how many young people earn their living by creating social platforms made appealing by what Android and Google play offer them. Phones and tablets can be used in navigation using Google maps, readily available on Android gadgets.

There are many older and good operating systems, but from the phones to the tablets, televisions, watches and most recently the driverless cars, Android is, in many ways king of the electronics world.

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