Increasing The Mobile Storage

With the various improvements, the Android phone comes with a large internal memory.  That is the reason behind the smooth and high speed in performance.  Initially the Android smart phones used to come with a low internal memory of 250-450 megabytes.  Due to fact that the memory was limited, there was always a problem while installing a new app or even accessing the internet.  Some of the ways that were use and can even work today was deleting of some application.  However, this method is not so effective.

Every individual must have noticed that when you increase apps the performance and smoothness of any phone decreases.  This is because the internal memory of your phone cannot withstand the plenty of loaded apps in it.  You can partition your external memory card and use some of its space for internal memory.  Different ways are available on how to increase internal memory of any Android phone.

Expand your memory.  The first option that each person would do is to consider adding some extra storage space in the form of a memory card.  Thanks to the many Android handsets that come with a memory card slot, which allows the consumer to expand the storage with a MicroSD card.  Likewise, most of the Windows handsets can also use a memory card.  Except for the iPhone user who is limited to whatever storage.If the phone does have a MicroSD slot, you could add as much as a whopping 200 gigabytes of extra space, depending on what the phone supports.

Generally, the Android phones can only really use the SD card for photos, videos and other media files.  This is to say that if you need more for other reasons apart from the ones that are mentioned, for example the space for apps, then a memory card may not provide a direct solution.  However, it can provide an indirect fix to the problem by creating some more space where you can put all your media files.  The latest version of the Android, known as the Marshmallow, has actually introduced a unique feature called the ‘Adoptable Storage’ which attempts to  remedies this problem, but even then not all manufacturers have implemented it.

Delete your unused apps.  Another thing to think about is to delete the apps that were downloaded yet are not used.  With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available across different handsets, an individual may quickly end up uploading them into the phone remaining a huge selection of games, apps, and widgets you never use!  Browsing through your phone every so often and removing the apps you have not used for a while is a great way of freeing additional space on your Smartphone.

In addition to this, deleting your old messages may be has help.  Generally, text messages do not take up a lot of space.  However,when the conversations from the likes of SMS, Face book Messenger, WhatsApp, whatever other services you use, are lamped together, it can add up, and take a large space.  Deleting this messages will give more space.

Back up your camera pictures.  If you use your Smartphone in taking many pictures, it would be a good idea to back them up to your computer frequently.  Not only will this prevent you from losing any photographs if anything happens to your phone, but it also gives you the opportunity to delete them from your phone and free up some space that you may need for other purposes. Therefore its time that all the consumer are able to fix their memory problem.

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