6 Unique Benefits You Will Only Get By Using The Auto Forward Spy App

As the threats that target kids keep mutating from time to time, the spy industry is becoming more competitive. As a parent, the focus is ensuring that you get the spy app that helps you understand the kid better and control their behavior remotely. Whether you get the iPhone spy app free or buy from developers, the app should inspire confidence, make controlling your kid easier, and guarantee results.

At the beginning of the year, Beatrice Strafford, a marketing manager in a New York restaurant, found using Auto Forward Spy that her 12-year- old boy was following a bad company. Most of these group members were friends in a social media group. On further investigation, Beatrice realized that the group used to lure young boys into drugs. She blocked the members from accessing the smartphone completely to avoid further damage to her boy.

Notably, Auto Forward has stood out because of its commitment to customer value. They are always introducing new features and enhancing the app’s effectiveness. In this app, we evaluate unique features that make Auto Forward stand out from free spy apps for iPhone.

     (i) Key logger monitoring

Keylogger is a special feature that allows the parent to follow everything typed on an application. With the keylogger technology, the parent can catch the passwords to email accounts, social media profiles, and other things keyed on the smartphone. With the keylogger, you can easily follow the child’s activities on every platform without his/her knowledge.

     (ii) The Tinder Tracker

Tinder is a new dating site that is marketed as a platform for connecting. However, many young people are flocking there to look for sex groups and organize sex parties. Besides, it has become a niche hunting ground for sex predators because most of the young boys and girls are innocent.

      (iii) Keywords alert

While Auto Forward Spy had the previous keyword alert, it was applied as a filter to search through content for specific pages, tests, and chats with harmful information. Though the feature is still there, it is considered reactive because you can get the alert when the damage has already been done. It is because of this that Auto Forward introduced the keyword alert. You select keywords that point to a harmful activity such as sex, drugs, rob, and kill among others. When your child keys the keyword of a closely related term, you are notified immediately.

     (iv) Google Hangouts

The main focus of most apps is text messages and emails while the hangouts are left out. The Google hangout is a clear communication channel that can be used to bully the child or lure him to bad activities. Auto Forward Spy allows you to see all the messages, photographs, maps, contacts, and other information shared with other friends.

     (v) Special GPS monitoring

To assist parents in following their children in case they get lost, Auto Forward Spy has special GPS monitoring technology that provides you with a map of all the places that the kid went to. With the app, there is no hiding or lying that he was just in the neighborhood. You can even take photos remotely to proof that the child was at a specific point.

     (vi) Line chat messenger

When your child starts getting tricky and hides chat messages or deletes them, you do not have to worry because Auto Forward Spy will recover all of them and present you with a comprehensive report for analysis.


While many top spy apps are available online, you must go an extra mile to identify what is better to enjoy higher value for money. Auto Forward has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high value to clients through the outlined features and others such as call monitoring, SMS monitoring, and direct control.